Furnace Wood

The natural beauty of the Ashdown Forest area has given many the opportunity for exploration, relaxation and enjoyment. Sound Tracks gives you the opportunity to discover hidden corners and unique locations of Furnace Wood, a private wood near Fairwarp.  With contrasting wide, emerald green grassy rides and dark, dense undergrowth, it is a place of magic and intrigue which is enhanced further by a musical journey from the sounds of the natural world to echoes of the area’s industrial past.

 Three settings were chosen for Sound Tracks 2016, each one offering up an environment best suited to the music being performed.  A gentle walk through the woods connected the different ‘auditoria’ - an opportunity to talk to fellow listeners, enjoy the woodland sounds, or simply reflect. 


If you are interested in discussing funding opportunities or sponsorship, please email Liz Webb on or call: 01273 470068