Richard Bullen

The works of British composer Richard Bullen have been described as 'audacious' and 'astounding', and often make creative use of the performance space to heighten perception of sound, and thrill the senses. He recently completed a PhD entitled 'Towards a Resonant Theatre' with David Sawer at the Royal Academy of Music. 

He first came to public attention in 2007 when, as a student of Scott Wilson and Vic Hoyland at the University of Birmingham, his prize-winning work Walpurgis Night was premiered by BCMG. The following year he received a scholarship to study with Sir Peter Maxwell Davies at Dartington International Summer School. Firewire, the work written during the course and dedicated to Max, later won the Royal Academy’s prestigious Alan Bush Composition prize in 2009. Since then, Richard has composed for a remarkably diverse range of forces including quarter-tone alto flute and electronics (performed by Carla Rees); Spirituoso, a period-instrument trio resident at Handel House Museum; ‘Maenads’ and sacrificial audience (CoMA London); members of the London Sinfonietta; and the Midlands Fretted Orchestra.

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